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Truth Summit

Welcome to the Truth Summit.


Truth Summit 1

Truth Summit 2




Who is part of the Truth Tellers Tribe?
Ahd who is being interviewed?

If you care about the truth
and are open to exploring
what is the truth,
you're almost certainly a member
of the Truth Tellers Tribe -
about 10-15% of people worldwide,
let's say one billion people worldwide.

As for the Truth Tellers Community,
that's if you often feel
stuck or frustrated or isolated,
want more strategies and community.

And who is interviewed?
Amazing Truth Tellers in many areas,
from the law, to medicine,
to education, to Communism,
to understanding deep-rooted evil,
to AIDS, to 9/11, to the media.

Question include:
What gets them to see what so few see?
What makes them go where so few go?
What about obstacles, almost giving up?
What makes them take the risks,
face the frequent denigration
and the dangers?
What keeps them going?

And what treasures
do they have for us?

inyrtvirerrd - all

On one side,
the suppression of truth,
the denial of truth

are major hallmarks of the system
we're facing, discrediting,
dismantling, discarding.

Instead of truth, we're fed "narratives"
about the injections, the spike protein,
critical race theory, Black Lives Matter,
Islam, 9/11.

As for mind control, nanobots,
shedding, the Banking Cartel,
the Elite/Global Predators/Anaconda -
those are labelled conspiracy theory.

On our side,
the unearthing of truths,
the revelation of truths,
the telling and
spreading of truths
are hallmarks of those of us
on the side of humanity and the planet,
on the side of love and empathy,
on the side of human and animal rights,
on the side of human freedoms and responsibilities.


Elsa - Truth Summit


I've been stuck, confused, frustrated. I've felt powerless to know what to believe, to make sense of things, and to do something. Starting in 2006, and getting ever stronger, was concern about Islam. What was the truth? And what could I contribute that others weren't doing already? I felt blocked.

I already had a blog. I wrote soe posts.

One morning in April 2012, I woke up with the first big step of my answer.

An interview series. Not mainly on WHAT the people believed, who were telling the truth about Islamic ideology. An interview series on WHO are these people who were seeing what was generally denied, who were speaking out and reaching people, who continued even when they were name-called, denigrated?

That led to my first Truth Summit. Sept 2012. It was followed by others.

The outcome? I went from being stuck to taking steps, from frustrated to flourishing because I had found a way of using my gifts to reach people. The outcome was also that ever more people learned about major truth tellers like Bill Warner, Robert Spencer and Pam Geller - people with integrity, courage, kindness, caring.

Their stories inspired and empowered so many people, maybe even gave some of us the courage to go on.

Since 2020, like everyone around me, I've lived through lockdowns, pressure to be injected, mandates, election fraud, and the ever-increasing twisting of good movements into destructive forces - like the movement for equal rights for people of all races twisted into the Black Lives Matter message of hate.

During the same time, again like millions around me, I've taken in absolutely massive knowledge about what is going on: the Deep State, the Banking Cartel, the Global Predators (the so-called Elite), maybe aliens among us.

A quote from Mark Twain comes to mind. It's easier to fool people, than to convince them they've been fooled. That was, in my case, most of all about my staying oblivious, for so long, about what almost certainly happened on 9/11. It was just too preposterous for me to even consider that it could have been, in any way, an inside job. Then about 5 years ago I was told about Building 7, and shown video footage of Building 7 collapsing, though no airplane ever went near it. A shock wave went through me. Why did I not know about that building?

With each new piece of information, the world as I had experienced it was replaced by a much more dangerous reality, where we the people are treated as pawns, prey, useless eaters - where there is a long-term plan, coming to fruition, to completely control us, cull us, take over our minds.

I have seen so many of us powerless to reach those around us, often those we love most. I see so much destructive conflict among those who claim to be on the side of truth - like the 25 million dollar lawsuit by Robert Malone against Peter and Ginger Breggin.

Divide and conquer. We have all heard about this powerful tactic.

But how do we stop this?

On Sunday April 2 - the day before what was my father's birthday - I woke up with the next step of my answer. Another interview series. Again on WHO are the amazing people who are seeing and spreading truths we all need to know, who are gripped by the passion to help, to reach, to save.

How does this help you flourish? The forces of destruction want us divided against each other, as well as against those within the "narrative" of the world where the Elite are a conspiracy theory, the injections are safe and effective, and our governments care about our well-being.

When we see what is occurring and connect with each other, we become part of a very powerful force, pulling people to us.

There are lessons so many of us still need to learn - like how do we move from divide and conquer to unite with knowledge - like not to get hooked where the powers that be want us to get hooked.

Here is a core teaching. We need to be on the side of each person flourishing - safety both physical and psychological, fact-claims to be explored not used as weapons against each other.

Divided we fall.

United we grow.

Welcome to the Truth Summit, to growing together, to our flourishing.



Awake in a World Gone Woke

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