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Thank you, Elsa and Guests, What a wealth of information you have provided. Have listened to 3 so far and look forward to the next 18. Great work, well done to you all.

Enjoyed all of your guests so far, excellent work, very good interviews, you have a very nice approach, I enjoy the history of their childhood, how it all started… 5 stars for me.

Thank you so much…. Listened to Reiner and just amazed at the man, learning so much more about him and thank you for your own commitment. There are a lot of beautiful people in the world that make a difference. We are both optimists, we will see the day when it all falls apart.

Enjoyed very much!

Thank you so much Elsa! I won't have time to watch all the interviews but I just watched Howell Woltz and it was a fantastic interview. I knew America was very corrupt but I heard about things that were new to me. I wanted to tell you also that you are an excellent interviewer. Your questions and reflections brought the information out in a very accessible way. Well done! (-:

Thanks for giving me hope. I had decided that there would be no future for my 19 year old grandkids, glad I’m old (81 but in good shape) and then watched your interview with Reiner.

Hi Elsa, just finished watching interview with Reiner, excellent work, i feel i know him better after this interview and about him revealing the dark Vivienne who i disliked on sight when i used to watch him, did not understand the connection.
      I liked that you did not interrupt him, just when necessary, and talked about your concerns concisely, excellent, looking forward to the next one…

I just listened to you and Dr Ana Mihalcea. I had heard Dr Ana speak on the Corona Committee investigation with Reiner Fullemich. I felt her passion and I also felt yours both standing in your Truths!       You also ask the right questions in the right moment.
I believe that it will be We The People who will make this shift away from these evil conditions into our divine connection. I still believe in Humanity and I am doing all I can to keep safe and speak out to others who are still under hypnosis.
      Stay Strong Elsa and we will join forces in Love together.
      Sending you much Love from Scotland.

Thank you for this wonderful interview Elsa with Dr. Tess Lawrie! I discovered Dr. Lawrie when I saw the video with Dr Andrew Hill about IV. On one side, you have a courageous woman standing up for the truth to help people and the other side, sadly, a weak man who seems to be bought to keep silence.

I just watched the Reiner Fuellmich interview - an extraordinary man. Wonderful!

Elsa: I watched the first two interviews today. Amazing and enlightening. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Wow! fantastic interviews.

MAZOL TOV!! Episode one absolutely fabulous. Loved every minute of it. Much love and admiration.

Thank you Elsa for all you are doing. Grateful to you.

I just caught Dr. Ana's interview you had with her. So amazing. Thanks for doing that soo very important interview. As she's never spoken of herself before (that I'd heard), now I understand her better…. Thanks so much for hosting this summit. As per the discussion with Dr. Ana, it's very important work on your part.

Tanya Gaw, amazing interview, thank you for the amazing work you are doing for Canada. Everything you are describing is a mirror of America. I just joined Act for America and will be happy to do a fraction of what you have accomplished. God Bless you and all the truth tellers Elsa is bringing to light.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, thank you for sharing your beautiful story with the world. You are the Doctor that any of us would love and appreciate having on our side. A true Good Samaritan indeed.

Just listening to the interview with Charles Hoffe. What a wonderful person he is! Thanks for interviewing him. Will be listening and spreading the rest of them.

I just watched the Alex Newman interview - marvelous! And yesterday I watched Debbie DeGroff's interview - wonderful.

Very much enjoying the series.

Elsa, I appreciate your asking your guests what has made them the person they are to be where they are today. Shows the humanity in the personal stories. Touched by Tess Lawrie. Haven’t heard of many of the upcoming guests and looking forward to hearing them. Thank you for making this available to fellow truth seekers.
With gratitude.

Thank you Elsa and Andrew Johnson. Another great interview, loved the quote “If people think you make them think, they will like you; if people think you really make them think, they will hate you” Boy, that is so true. If man would just say No to big pharma antidepressant mind numbing drugs etc. that take away empathy/consciousness and get their brains back. If only? Thanks for recommending the book, “Political Ponerology”.

I come back just to say thank you and congrats for the wonderful job you do... with honesty and kindness... also taking into account and disseminating the highly spiritual essence of all this "show"...
      Wishing you all the best.

Thank you for the amazing amount of information you have gathered for the Truth Summit, Elsa - such a fascinating mix of wise and wonderful guest speakers! I'm really looking forward to next week's interviews, though Andrew's contribution has to be (for me, anyway) the most significant. What he shares could be the key to saving humanity and the planet, when enough of us are ready to absorb what Dr Wood has to say. Her explanation of what the seismic readings on 9/11 indicate is telling, for those that have ears to hear - along the lines of 'a great weight was lifted from the ground, rather than a great weight was slammed on to it'. Here is a link to some of her videos by their fellow researcher and friend Richard D. Hall, who is currently being persecuted by our British establishment and BBC for his efforts to re-examine a different 'inside job': https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=143&part=1&gen=3

A great series, you bring out unique insights and material even from people we have been following for years. Congratulations, and many thanks.

Tremendous thanks for your Truth Summit Elsa! Truly appreciated!
Massive Respect to You Elsa! Cheers! 

Great stuff you re doing!!!
Nearly everyone I know had been 'hypnotized"

Great interview Diana I loved all what you have said. That reminds me so much of the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau the return to Nature we are so very disconnected from nature. Yes indeed we concentrate more outwardly than on our inner nature. Thank you for your thoughts and conversation with Elsa. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Your interview with Diana West was awesome. It was so interesting to hear about what drove her to that amazing in-depth research. I was aware and very distressed that she was so widely condemned by conservatives. I do see her as one of the most important US political historians of the 20th century—and yet completely unrecognized.

Hi, Jim & Elsa - just watched your excellent interview.... all resonates so well w/me & I think you explained the ideological linkages & progression in a very clear way - very glad to hear you're writing a new book about overwhelming the system, very much the successor strategy t o Cloward/Piven - shall look forward to seeing that!

Hi, Diana & Elsa - just watched your excellent interview - brought back all kinds of memories of those days when "American Betrayal" first came out, the incredible, incomprehensible backlash to it, losing my own paid fellowship at Gatestone Institute because I cited you/it in an essay of my own there - and the eventual grudging admission from Nina Rosenwald that "well, you could have cited somebody else"...(of course, I had: Alexander Solzhenitsyn & Robert Conquest...but that's not whom she meant)
Missing you very much around here but hope you're all enjoying Vermont!

I greatly appreciate your interview with Diana West, and am a bit humbled by it. You see, I read and admired "Death of the Grownup", and have "American Betrayal" packed away, unread. Why unread? Well I vaguely recall how the FrontPageMag controversy just caused me to put the book aside and rather dismiss Diana, without really giving the matter the serious consideration it warranted. I had no idea that Stanton Evans and Vladimar Bukovsky had lauded Betrayal, and would have less readily accepted FPM's treatment had I known that. I have lived my life merely on the fringe of the world of ideas, but given your enthusiasm for her second book, I will have to dig it out of my archive.
      In my mind, and I've not watched them all, Diana's interview pulls the TruthTellers series back from the precipice of the tin foil hat crowd. I find you do an excellent job of getting people to tell their own story their own way without interjecting yourself into the story- the antithesis of Oriana Fallaci :>).

I don't want to miss a single episode.

Thank you Richard! I knew from day one when I watched the 2nd tower fall on TV that the truth was not being told (same with Kennedy) and now Covid…knew after the first week that it didn’t make sense! I also know the cost of speaking the truth as I have fractured family and friends relationships since Covid. The next false flag is going to be an alien invasion…don’t believe it…it is demonic!

Elsa - I just began listening to TS a couple of days ago. Not only have I enjoyed the guests but also your warm and thoughtful perspective. You truly have a gift and share it freely! I’m looking forward to much more including catching up this weekend.

This Truth Summit is so valuable, I was willing to pay for it! We the People are facing HORRIFYING TECHNOCRATIC PSYCHOPATHY TO DESTROY HUMANITY AND ALL NATURAL LIFE! Kudos to ELSA for her heroic efforts and success in the struggle. We the People must always be aware of the existential threats lurking behind this fight! All manner of lies and propaganda spew forth from the upper echelons in governments worldwide who are completely intertwined with the global criminal ruling class that wants to commit the worst atrocities imaginable and suffer no consequences. And their corruption slithers down the chain of command creating petty tyrants everywhere.... I WANT MY LIFE BACK.

Thank you once again Elsa, I really enjoyed your interview with Laura Knight Jadczyk. I have signed up to her newsletter on the SOTT website and look forward to having such a great resource. (-:

Just finished listening to Alex Newman, that was really something else! Where to start and comment? All of what you two touched on is so important. Thank you Alex, The Bible is a very large book, and most people are intimidated and cannot comprehend modern English, let alone old English. If it could be broken down into small books (in easy English). A series that a parent could focus on, one little book at a time. Just an idea for you. Has anyone written a series? Don’t know.

Thank you so much Elsa for leading this wonderful panel of people towards telling us more about how they became who they are, thank you also to all and each one of them for accepting to play that game. It's love which sustains life and there is so much love in all of you, so much knowledge, experience and passion, curiosity and drive.. it is very soothing to see that real human beings still exist, speak up and connect in the midst of all the ongoing madness. Thank You All

Thanks Elsa for setting up The Truth Summit 2023. My wife and I live in Cape Town, South Africa (both of us in our 60s now). We have followed and listened in to your interviews during the Truth Summit, and will continue to digest its variety of calls and urgings for each of us moving forward.
      We share a passionate call to live in Truth, to seek out Truth, and to share Truth as best we know how and are able to do right now. My own Telegram channel is Roger Arendse_Truthseekers where I seek (in my own way) to challenge others with Truth during so many Lies, Falsehoods, and Deceit in our World today. The three years (and still counting) Covid-19 pandemania has served as a huge Wake-Up call!!

Highly appreciated.
Thanks, Elsa, for your immense contributions.
Best wishes,

Thank-you🙏 for all that you do and make available

Just listened to a few speakers. Wow, so good!
Dr Ana Chehalcea (sp) on the jab, are we all at the end of life, human & animal?
Sure the world is in a bad shape! Have faith in God... Who offers eternal life?
Really good to hear all these speakers to have a positive point of view.
Thanks for doing this Truth Summit.

Can’t keep up with all you are doing! You can produce more than I can consume despite being retired. However, I listened to both Richard Gage and Andrew Johnson. I have seen Gage’s presentations, but I had never heard of Johnson. Both are credible and I think honest. It was extremely interesting to hear Johnson call our Gage. However, Gage’s credibility was restored by his own group’s rejection of him on his COVID stance. While he was acting in good faith, he may not have been enjoying true leadership in the 9/11 group. I cannot comment on the credibility of the energy field destruction, but I do not reject it. Can the HAARP technology do this? It can change the course of hurricanes.
      Great job on your interview.

Dear Elsa, Your empathetic face is lovely to me. I've been thinking about Elana's life. I understand her intellectual work as the one place she belongs. It's her destiny, so it belongs to her. I do the same thing with creativity. I no longer do visual art, but I enjoy myself writing (Writing from the Heart Jewel on Substack). It's our home and it's spiritual.
      Thank you for this unusual summit.

Dear Elsa, You've made a unique summit! Because of your questions, the truth tellers reveal themselves, their experiences, from their bodies as much as their minds. The result is a powerful sense of truth as it exists in someone else. Truth has being, you could say. There's love for it. How beautiful to know it exists in others too. A communing....
      You've done so much to give people that sense of truth living within them, not as an ideal

Hi Elsa
First of all, i would like to add to the list of those who have said how much they have enjoyed The Truth Summit and to thank you for all your hard work in putting it together.
      I was familiar with a fair few of the interviewees, but not with Laura Knight-Jadczyk, and I should like to particularly single out the interviews you did with her which I found amazing and truly inspiring. I shall definitely be getting some of her books and checking out the links to her websites.
      In her approach she rather reminds me of someone called Mark Windows, who is from the UK, and has a website called Windows on the World, which has a vast archive covering many varied topics.
      You may be interested to check it out.

Thanks once again Elsa, loved the panel. I am going to buy Geoengineering Transhumanism and dive down that rabbit hole with Elena Freeland. The more out there people you interviewed were the ones I resonated with, Dr Ana, Laura and Celeste. This shit is getting serious but those of us who ask questions are getting more and more answers and we are going to prevail against the dark forces. You are awesome with what you are doing, keep being a warrior for truth! (-:

Dear Elsa,
I have listened through most of the 21 interviews, sooo important to know.
And your butterfly story- your own journey.
We need these stories now most urgently, and for sustainability

Thank you for doing this Truth Summit, Elsa! I learned sooo much!
      I didn't see all the panelists but I'm certain all of them brought something to the table.
      The way you led this summit allowed us to get to know and understand these truth seekers better. I know you didn't ask anyone to list their favorites, but I feel compelled to mention those that really moved me: Dr. Ana, the kind Dr. Hoffe, Laura, Elana Freeland, Celeste, Maria Zee. I so appreciate Rainer Füllmich too.
      And, my goodness gracious, hearing Andrew Johnson and his journey leading to the realization of directed energy, - Dr. Judy Wood's research that I knew nothing about (!) -was mind-blowing and truly transformative!
      So, thank you again, Elsa!!!

The panel was absolutely fantastic! Great to hear the discussion between the panelists. So much extra info!

Elsa, Excellent panel of speakers. Thanks so much for organizing and bringing these brave people and their messages to our attention.

Thank you for your awesome Truth Summit and for getting Andrew and Richard on a live podcast.
       I suggest listening to the whole podcast, as it will show you how Richard Gage has not covered all the strange evidence of 9/11.
      A great truth bomb by Andrew Johnson at the 1h mark, but I state again, you need to listen to the whole discussion.

Dear Elsa, Thank you for organizing the Truth Summit! You are yet another soldier fighting to preserve humanity, God bless you for that!! I am Grateful and Thankful for all your efforts! 

It is because of YOU, Elsa, that everything came together! You started this ball rolling. For me, truly serendipitous, as I'd never have run into the work of Dr. Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson otherwise. I'd have never known what potential we live with, have lived with, hidden from our sight. It's amazing to know about!! Because of your initiative in bringing all the people together in your Truth Summit, many other people all around the world now have the opportunity to learn about these things! If only we can reclaim this wondrous, God-given energy from the horrendous evil-doers.

During weekend I managed to watch both andrew's interview with reiner as 
well as the closing zoom of truth summit... you all did an a m a z i n g 
job... however, i am writing to state my respect and appreciation for 
YOUR extremely useful (hard) work and YOUR absolutely decent and fair 
and polite attitude... thankU :-)

judy + elana: simply amazing as well (had not heard of them... - already 
downloaded, studied and spread their work, as well)

I want to thank you for bringing the truth about 9/11 to my awareness. I knew it wasn't the planes and that it was planned but the directed energy weapons were new to me. I did not realise that our enemy was so advanced in their weaponry. It is scary but better to know the truth than to live with a lie. Telling the truth is a radical act these days as is being an organic human being. Keep being you Elsa and know that you are appreciated by those who are able to see the truth about the war that is being waged against humanity. With enough courageous people we can create the world we want with Nature and organic biology at it's core. With love and compassion and connection. Thank you for the work that you are doing. (-:

For the last two years, my everyday mantra centered in all my prayers has been tuned to “Let the Truth Be Known.” As I prayed to God/Jesus to let me know what I could do in the name of Love and Truth to help to heal this crazy mixed (fucked) up country / world, I saw an email from Elana Freeland whom I did not recall knowing. I was going to delete it, but “something told me” to open it. I saw the link to a Truth Summit Panel “Taking Stock and Moving Forward”:
       I opened the link to a Zoom panel discussion a little over an hour and 48 minutes. I thought I don’t have time for this and was debating as to whether I should delete it or save it for later (which I never seem to get back to) when “something told me” to listen to it NOW. I did.
       This panel of distinguished professionals confirmed nearly everything I have suspected about our U.S. and other world leaders LYING about and/or HIDING the truth from us: truths about Covid-19, the vaccine, nanobots, 9/11, chemtrails, geoengineering (weather manipulation), climate change, UFOs, directed energy weapons (lasers, etc.), Hurricane Katrina and more.
       Though the Summit was upsetting and long (I took two intermediate breaks), it was very FREEING and UPLIFTING to have my many beliefs and suspicions that our leaders (the ONE-WORLD DARK Government who really run this planet) were constantly lying and misdirecting the population with an evil agenda were not just paranoia and conspiracy nonsense, but the TRUTH.


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