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Reiner Fuellmich video

Reiner Fuellmich. From the Grand Jury - airtight case -
to the International Crimes Investigative Committee.

Reiner Fuellmich's father, a policeman, cared about justice and hated it when he was told to drop a case - political interference. Like father, like son. Reiner Fuellmich has gone after corrupt banks and car manufacturers, and most recently those responsible for the plandemic. Over a hundred interviews. A Grand Jury before the Court of Public Opinion. And now?

Howell Woltz video

Howell Woltz - accidental whistle-blower.
The consequence: 87 months - 7 years 3 months - in prison.
No trial. His book: JUSTICE DENIED.

Howell Woltz was just doing his job within the banking system. Money needed a chain of custody. A fairly large sum did not have it. He warned the person - supposedly a friend - 3 times that he would need to report this. Silence. So he did what his work required him to do. He did not expect the consequence.


Alex Newman video

Dr Ana Mihalcea. What is going on with our blood -
that of the unvaxxed as well as the vaxxed?

Dr Ana Mihalcea - she wanted to learn everything. And as far as she can, that's what she's doing. What is going on with our blood? What is going on with the attempt to make this be the last generation of humans, and of all natural life? And what can we do? What are the solutions? Dr Ana Mihalcea is at the forefront of the explorers. She knows we live in the end times. She is passionately committed to life.

Alex Newman video

Dr Tess Lawrie. Quiet integrity.
She could not make Dr Andrew Hill act to save lives.
She could make public, in a powerful video,
his refusing to act to save lives.

Dr Tess Lawrie was a sensitive child who became a very caring adult. She cared to save lives. The studies showed ivermectin saved lives. Andrew Hill knew of those studies, but would not recommend the use of ivermectin. Tess Lawrie - quiet integrity, passion, and commitment to A Better Way.


Alex Newman video

Alex Newman - a journalist by default, a truth teller
by choice. He exposes THE CRIMES OF THE EDUCATORS,
THE DEEP STATE, and more.

Alex Newman became a journalist by default - he wasn't good at anything other than writing. It has worked out well. Passion, conviction, commitment to truth and the Lord. Writing and speaking. In shorter pieces and books. Over and over he has exposed, from Comrade Obama to The Deep State to The Crimes of the Educators - deliberate crimes by those at the top.

Debbie DeGroff video

Debbie DeGroff started by looking
for good books for her young son.
She spent 30 years checking

Debbie DeGroff loved to read as a child. She would take stacks of books out of the library. When she became a mother and was looking for good books for her young son, she found something unexpected. What was inside children's books was not what she expected. She also noticed that the bar kept moving. Ever more sexualization, for instance. Also, ever more pushing children to become social justice warriors. 30 years of reading children's books has led to Debbie's writing her own book: Between the Covers.


Tanya Gaw video

Tanya Gaw cares passionately - and acts!
Action4Canada now has chapters across Canada -
promoting effective actions anyone can take.

As a child, Tanya Gaw was a pleaser. Now she stands up for the rights of all Canadians through the group she founded, Action4Canada. It burst upon the scene just a few years ago, and already has chapters from coast to coast. More important, Action4Canada has championed effective actions, notably the Notices of Liability - notices holding people accountable if they attempt to illegally coerce people - into wearing masks, into taking injections. Now Action4Canada is taking on what is happening with children in the schools.

Charles Hoffe video

Dr Charles Hoffe became a doctor
because he loved to serve.
He followed his moral compass.
That has had many consequences.

Charles Hoffe grew up in a family that stood up for justice in South Africa - for the end to apartheid. He immediately recognized the way apartheid was pushed on people with the plandemic - vaxxed against unvaxxed. More important for his career, he wrote a letter to the major health authority about the risks of the injections. Plus he did D-dimer tests on anyone willing to take part - and found that 53% of people had blood clots after the injections. There have been huge career and personal repercussions.


Andrew Johnson video

Andrew Johnson's curiosity drove him to follow
the fact tracks about 9/11, all the way to evidence
of the use of directed free-energy technology .

Andrew accepted the mainstream narrative for about 18 months, then found online threads that brought him to the truth movement, which led to more information - facts and more facts - especially from Dr Judy Wood. He isn't part of any movement. What he cares about is the facts. He lives a quiet life, but the facts are disturbing - evidence of the use, for evil, of directed free-energy technology.

Andrew Johnson video

Celeste Solum has led 2 lives.
Before she went dark and after.

Celeste Solum left everything. Husband. Children. Soon even her car. In her new life she has produced and produced: The Synthetic Biology Webinar Series (current), The Soul Catcher Series, The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare, and much more.



Diana West video

Diana West documents 2 MASSIVE BETRAYALS:
The Hippie Generation and Communist Infiltration

Who is Diana West, the woman who wrote The Death of the Grown-Up and also American Betrayal? What shaped her, what enabled her to stand outside the forces pulling along huge numbers of people in her generation, and to see powerful destructive forces at work? And what is her message?

Diana West video

Jim Simpson long worked for the White House
Office of Management and Budget. Not anymore.

Jim Simpson, like many others, went from insider to outsider. As an outsider, he has written The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Now he's come out with a best-seller on someone familiar to all of us: Karl Marx. The book: Who Was Karl Marx? The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left.


Greg Mannarino video

Greg Mannarino loves to see how things work.
Cars. The stock market. The money system.

Already as a child, Greg Mannarino really wanted to see how things worked - like his father's car, which he took apart when he was a teenager. Now he has in-depth knowledge of the stock market and the who banking system. Vital: he cares about people. He cares to help as much as he can. To inform us so we have as much information as possible.

Kevin Kumar video

Kevin Kumar wants due process for people
dealing with the banks. We're entitled to due process

Kevin Kumar grew up believing that Canada has a great legal system, with due process for all. In his thirties he found out that something very different was going on under the surface. He learned about the ways the banks were bullying people, denying people due process. He also learned that your name in ALL CAPITALS means something very different from your name. And he learned so much more. Important to him - sharing the knowledge.


Richard Gage video

Richard Gage - a man with a mission.
The truth about 9/11 - and more. The truth.

Richard Gage has gone from living a good happy life - to having his life ruptured. A before and an after. Before he learned about the truth about 9/11. And after. The break in his world was immediate. One radio broadcast. Earth-shattering information. Because he had believed the narrative. It has been a long journey - one that continues.

Tom Ballantyne video

Tom Ballantyne deeply cares about the truth.
His most recent book: TRUTH VS DECEPTION.

Long ago, Tom Ballantyne was a missionary. One assignment was to keep a journal. By now there are thousands upon thousands of pages - and over a dozen books. His approach to writing has been shaped by his journaling. He writes easily, quickly. Book after book. The ongoing focus: TRUTH.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk video

Laura Knight-Jadczyk researches, writes, reaches.
On the secret history of the world, on evil, on the paranormal.

Who is Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the woman who wrote The Secret History of the World, From Paul to Mark, Soul Hackers and more than a dozen other books? Laura explores deeply, including the nature of evil, reality, channeling, the critical need for uncertainty. Death threats - and attacks - drove her to leave the US. So many developments continue.

Elana Freeland video

Elana Freeland - a pivotal experience at 5,
deep healing at 45, now one book after another
exploring deeply what is going on.

Elana Freeland remembers always knowing she had something important to do. Her part of the 60's generation had high ideals and took part in deep conversations. But it took her until she was well over 50 to begin work on her major writings: Sub Rosa America (on the Deep State), Under an Ionized Sky (from chemtrails to spacefence lockdown) and most recently Geoengineered Transhumanism.


Maria Zeee video

Maria Zeee of Zeee Media.
Passion, commitment, integrity, faith.
A major new alternate media voice.

Maria Zeee of Zeee Media exploded onto the Australian scene, and the world scene, as a new alternate media voice. Excellent interviews with people such as Dr Ana Mihalcea and Reiner Fuellmich and many other top truth tellers. What happened? She had learned as a young child of the forces against us and of what would be happening. Now she is doing all she can.

Harry Richardson video

Harry Richardson burst on the scene with Islam Unveiled.
30,000 copies sold - 750,000 downloads.
Now he's back with Anglophobia: The Unrecognized Hatred.

Harry Richardson's Richardson Post: News with a bias for truth. He has always found it easy to stand up for what he knew was true. Like the true nature of Islam. And now, Anglophobia: The Unrecognized Hatred. He has long known there is massive denigration and vilification of Anglos and Anglo culture. Now he and co-author, Frank Slater, have documented, analyzed and footnoted. Why take this on? For Harry it's natural, something that ties in with himself in childhood.

Harry Richardson video

Elsa has always cared about the truth,
has always had so many questions,
and has always cared to reach people.

So many questions, already as a child. Curiosity. And creativity. And the deep desire to do what she can. She wanted to be a hero - but she didn't want to do what her favorite heroes did. Cowboy rescuing a wagon train. First woman doctor. Nurse at front lines, helping wounded soldiers. So how to be a "hero" - someone who answers the call? Right now, this is my way - interviewing amazing truth tellers. Caring, involved, intelligent, thoughtful. With a passion to change for the better the current dangerous course of events. My sense: we each need to find our own way of being a hero.


Awake in a World Gone Woke

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