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Proof that all opinions
are not equal.
Out with relativism and
other bad thinking.


John O'Sullivan
John O'Sullivan

Joe Olson
Joe Olson

Saeed Qureshi
John O'Sullivan

Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson

Bill Warner
Bill Warner



Diana West
Diana West

Brian of London
Brian of London

Anne Marie Waters
Anne Marie Waters

Danny Hozack
Danny Hozack

Craig Rucker
Craig Rucker

Potential interview topics: bad thinking, keys to good thinking, Islam, climate, Communism, the EU, the UN, anti-Semitism, capitalism, political correctness, cultural relativism, populism, moral relativism, infiltration, national borders, refugee resettlement, lawfare, justice systems, tarsands, oil, natural gas, economy, G5, medicine, cancer, cannabis, healing energy, Google, Youtube, Facebook, brainwashing and unbrainwashing ...


The goal: to turn us all into warriors for good thinking.

Target One: bad thinking in the education system.

Target Two: bad thinking - meaning not fact-centered and/or illogical - on every topic.

Target Three: destructive anti-learning tactics like name-calling instead of fact-checking.

Tools: facts, logic, and fact-based feeling, plus personal strengths like courage and persistence.

The Truth Summit Movement.
People working together to get around, over, beyond the untruths the media blasts at us, the bad thinking indoctrinated into kids in schools.

Isolated, we easily feel lost, overwhelmed. And what can we do, anyway.

Together we feel ready to take on the world. And that's exactly what we're doing.

Join the Truth Summit Movement.
Welcome to A.C.E.
Awareness, Caring, Engagement.
Empowering Workshops.
Powerful Interviews.
Facts. Logic. Good Thinking.

Elsa and the Truth Summit Movement

We've all experienced the intense frustration
of knowing something, trying to reach someone with what we know, and hitting a brick wall. It can be a major frustration:

- people insisting that all opinions are equal, despite massive evidence that they are not.

- people insisting that Islam is a religion of peace, despite the content of the Quran and the history of Islam.

- people insisting that a human-made global warming disaster is imminent, despite the hugely divergent findings (including findings which suggest that a naturally occurring ice age is more likely).

We can keep struggling to get through the brick walls, hitting at them with facts that bounce off.

Or we can look at what holds them in place, and work to get rid of that, as well as continuing to attempt to deal with the many different issues.

I see that an underpinning of what's happening with climate, cancer, Islam, BDS, No Borders, etc, is indoctrinated bad thinking. Millions upon millions of people swallow what they're told instead of exploring. Then they denigrate and rage at anyone who brings up logical conclusions or information that does not go with their beliefs.

That's why an important focus is breaking bad thinking, and installing good thinking.

With good thinking, we can scale the Truth Summit, using A.C.E - Awareness, Caring, and Engagement. Awareness of what is there. Caring about it. Engaging together for change.

ACE is for everyone:

- whether we're just getting aware or mainly aware of one area;
- whether we're aware and care deeply about the extent of what we're facing;
- or whether we're already engaged and doing what we can.

The 3 major tools for ACE are workshops, interviews and resources.

Interviews help us all increase our awareness and caring. So there are 4 interviews per month with amazing truth-tellers in very different areas, from good thinking to Marxism to Big Pharma.

Also crucial: resources, especially quick and easy resources. Each of the people interviewed will suggest their favorite resources, like a short video or article we can send to others.

But bad thinking needs more. It is the enslaving of the mind. To end slavery, it took a movement. Likewise we need a movement to end the mental enslavement.

To develop that movement, we need workshops. These are essential for most of us, so we engage on the social level - our communities, our schools, our religious places, our governments. Otherwise too often we feel lost, powerless. We have no idea what we could do. With workshops, we become part of a growing community. We learn more effective strategies for reaching people and making social change. A major starting point: the schools, to undo the bad thinking instilled into so many students in the West. Parents and grandparents may have the greatest impact here, going into the schools. In general, we connect so we can work together locally, nationally and worldwide.

Next, more about the interviews and the workshops, and then, a few testimonials.

At any time:

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Interviews with amazing inspiring truth-tellers.

About climate and Islam, about cancer and cannabis and tarsands, about anti-Semitism and political correctness, about the EU, the UN, Israel, "Palestinians," Communism, open borders, gun rights, property rights, pipelines, Agenda 21 (collective above individual rights), IQ, BDS (boycott, divest and sanction Israel), anti-white hatred and violence, freedom of speech.

And about good thinking itself - especially about how good thinking has been pushed out of the education system, replaced with indoctrination. The increasing taboo on good thinking, I hold, is crucial to the threats to the West. WE THINK OR WE'RE SUNK. On the other hand, WE THINK AND THEY'RE SUNK. "They" - the forces against human rights and freedoms. My explorations show that the anti-truth forces all use bad thinking - reinforced by threats, bribes, brainwashing and other means of coercion (job loss, murder, etc).

Why have interviews about the different topics, instead of just focusing on good thinking? Because it's not enough to look at bad thinking, and good thinking. Each area counts.

With so many blocks in so many areas, the easy route is to give up. We see truth muzzled, freedom of speech denied, our values abandoned, good thinking thrown out, most people duped.

Churchill: Never, never, never give up. Then he paused. After the pause, he continued: Never, never, never give up.

These good thinkers and truth-tellers never give up, at least not permanently.

All theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. - Goethe. The Left (on climate, on society, on everything) is great at theory, ideology, fantasy. Islam is also great at pushing its ideology. Neither the Left nor Islam shows concern with facts, truth, life, evidence.

Good thinking truth-tellers care about facing reality and telling the truths we have found and have faced, are finding and are facing.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Albert Einstein 

And the truth shall set you free. - Jesus




Learning about people who are achieving is excellent. But sometimes we stay stuck. Or we know we could be doing more, but don't know what it could be. Or we fear what speaking might lead to. Also, whom do we work with? It can be impossible, on our own, to find like-minded people. And what's the best place to start? Where could we be effective?

That's where the workshop comes in. Every week, there will be a one-hour workshop
that will include: effective strategies for reaching people; coping strategies when the situation around us is far from ideal; Q&A. There will even be the option for self-chosen homework.

The goal: Empowering Workshops for Breakthrough Success in an Anti-Truth Mainstream World. For instance, could parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of children succeed in getting thinking back into the schools. Instead of "There is no right or wrong," could we get, in a way that is secular, "How do we tell right from wrong?"

Engaging successfully with the larger world can be challenging.
Sometimes we're sure something might work, but we don't know what it might be. Sometimes we speak out and friends stop speaking to us. Sometimes we stay silent to avoid conflict. How could we reach more people, maybe especially those we care about?

This workshop is for people who want to achieve more. We may want to engage better with the people closest to us - families and friends. We may feel afraid when we speak out - how can we become comfortable reaching out? We may want to work on the public level, the civic - from the local school board, to municipal affairs, to a federal political party. How do we begin? And how do we continue? Are there people around us to connect with?

And how do we figure out what is going on? Everyone hears about "fake news"? But which news is fake and which is real? Some people say: just turn off the news and be happy. But what about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the islands of plastic drifting in the ocean, the denigration of people called infidels in the Quran?

Here: support for people who know they could go further, but don't know how, or run out of energy. Connection, community. Breakthrough Success.

What can we do?
How can we find like-minded people? What works?
Plus POWERFUL INTERVIEWS with Expert Truth-Tellers
in the Anti-Truth Mainstream World.

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Sonya Jay Porter

Elsa is an incredible person, writing the truth for us all on so many subjects - political correctness, the climate, the UN, the EU (or rather, the European Dictatorship) and also on the subject which is one of the most important at the moment - the spread of Islamisation throughout the world.
         May I recommend that you watch the excellent cartoon she has created for young school children on the teachings of Islam.
         And here she goes again, with yet something more! Whatever it is about, whatever she creates, I know it will be worth watching and reading - there is so little genuine Truth out there in the public media, but Elsa is a True Truth Sleuth!

Sonya Jay Porter, who for 25 years has been working with UKIP, the UK Independence Party, to get her country out of the European Union


Gordon Miller

Elsa is a missionary for truth. I have had the pleasure of knowing Elsa for many years now and have admired her steadfast campaign to expose the truth on a range of topics, but for the most part Islam. She has interviewed literally dozens of experts who have studied and had firsthand experience with Islam. All of these, and much more, can be heard on her website. Elsa believes, and I agree, that only when there is open discussion and public debate about the tenets of Islam (i.e. free speech) will the world be free from the Islamic Jihad. In other words, “The truth shall set you free.” Elsa is the ”Truth Sleuth.”

Gordon Miller, long time environmental conservationist, believer in climate science history, challenger of climate models, dissenter on Canada's 1982 Constitution, believer in the dignity of the individual (i.e. the essence of Judeo-Christian values) and advocate of minimal government at the federal level.


Nicole D

Elsa is a spiritual healer and a brilliant writer. She is also for me a pillar of strength and a voice of reason.
          And her music videos are a reminder that there is a beauty in this world too! My favorite clip is There is No More Islam.

Nicole Davidoff, passionate advocate of human rights and freedoms, passionately against any ideology that is totalitarian, like Islam and Communism, cat lover.


Ramachandra Abhyankar

I came to know about Dr. Elsa Schieder ("Elsa") through her interviews with Islam experts Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Citizen Warrior,  and others. Many people were introduced  to Elsa through her highly informative video for children, about Islam. Through her work, Elsa has helped clear the confusion surrounding Islam, making it possible for people to learn the truth about Islam.
         Islam is just one area; Elsa has sought the truth in many areas, and has a unique talent to clarify issues and motivate people.
          I am especially indebted to Elsa for making me aware of the Islamic Doctrine of  Al-Wala Wal-Bara, which I now know to be the key for understanding Islam. Even after studying several books on Islam, I was not aware of the Islamic doctrine of Al-Wala Wal-Bara. This key doctrine is at the heart of Islam, and makes the other Islamic doctrines of Islam, like Jihad and Sharia, easily comprehensible.
          Elsa has also taught me to not give up even when confronted by obstacles, such as the now ubiquitous censorship by the media.
          Elsa is an inspiration and  an example for all seekers of truth!

Ramachandra B. Abhyankar lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, Indiana USA.


Mary Andrew

When I came upon Elsa's work (like her great kid's video), I had educated myself on what Islam is, had been galvanised to protest by the horrific slaughter of children in the Manchester bombing, and was also trying to get the truth out on a lot of Facebook sites. But I felt isolated, downcast and daunted by the mountainous size of the problem. I have always been utterly anti-racist, but my friends thought I had become a bigot. I didn't know what to do. 
         Elsa's amazing, inspirational work has become a beacon of light to me, and her friendship has furnished me with the encouragement and support (and occasional rap over the knuckles!) which I desperately needed to become tougher, more confident, and much more active. Moreover, she has introduced me to new friends in the movement (against Sharia, and in support of British sovereignty - connected issues), from whom I am constantly learning, and with whom I can work, and protest, much more effectively. I no longer feel alone; united we stand!  Thank you, Elsa, so much for all you have done to embolden me, and nurture my development. I am truly grateful! 

Mary Andrew recently co-founded a local branch of the new and fast-growing For Britain political party, to work for a voice in mainstream politics. She's just been invited to write for the For Britain website. She still regularly attending protests, now along with great new friends.


Jeff Himmelberger

I admire Elsa’s life-long commitment to activism through ever vigilant truth sleuthing, and I'm thrilled that her next series of interviews will tell untold stories of activists who've been ignored by mainstream media. I'm hopeful that Elsa’s provocative interviews will stretch personal comfort zones, reach wide audiences, and break through brick walls.
          Elsa’s idea of interviewing people who do sustained truth-telling is perfectly aligned with who she is, and these interviews will be AWESOME!

Jeff Himmelberger is a left-leaning liberal from Massachusetts who fortuitously enjoys a deep and enduring friendship with Elsa. For the past fifteen years Elsa has been challenging Jeff’s assumptions and expanding his hard-wired thinking habits.


Elaine Black

I really want to thank you, Elsa, for your deep dedication and endless hard work in trying to right the wrongs. I don’t follow all of your activities, but am very aware of the bigger picture in what you do and know that your heart works to make the world a better place. You deserve every accolade that may never come your way - just know that so many of us think this.

Elaine Black has always believed in ‘principles’: Truth is based on principle and on facts. The great English painter Francis Bacon whose work is often considered controversial for it’s painful distorted imagery, once said "people tend to be offended by facts, or what used to be called truth." These are the tenets of my belief, and to that end, I have run a ’newswire’ service for over a decade to allow others to formulate their knowledge based on exposure to truth and facts rather than lies and distortions.


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