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interviews plus workshop

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Bill Warner
Bill Warner

Diana West
Diana West

Brian of London
Brian of London

Anne Marie Waters
Anne Marie Waters

Danny Hozack
Danny Hozack

Craig Rucker
Craig Rucker

Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson

interview series with truth-tellers

PLUS . . .
workshop for truth-tellers


Every week, there will be a one-hour workshop. It will include:
- favorite strategies from the people interviewed;
- further effective strategies for reaching people;
- coping strategies when the situation around us is far from ideal;
- one or more situations will be workshopped;
- very important, there will be homework, for people who opt to do self-chosen assignments,
- people will have the chance to report on the results of last week's self-chosen assignment;
- time permitting, Q&A.

People will be able to write in about situations where they would appreciate input. As many questions as possible will be addressed in the workshop.

The workshop is open to all members.

Replays will be posted for people who cannot make it to the call.


The short answer: we are in danger. The West is in serious danger.

Plato: If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. 

The current situation is far more dangerous. There are increasing threats to human rights and freedoms.

Imagine living in 1938 Nazi Germany or in 1938 Hitler-appeasing Great Britain. World War II - the death of millions upon millions - was looming because the social world was not well taken-care-of. You could have love, money, health, vocation. Bombs would soon be falling on London, and then on German cities. 6 million Jews would soon be murdered in death camps. Devastation.

In the UK, Churchill warned people for 10 years. Very few people listened. Chamberlain, the prime minister, kept appeasing Hitler - a very charming man, according to Chamberlain.

Churchill took over as prime minister after Germany began bombing London. His motto: Never give up. And he didn't. It took 6 long hard years to defeat the Nazis.

Until the end of his life, Churchill kept asking himself: was there anything else he could have done, to wake people up, to avert the catastrophe of World War II?

Churchill's question is the core question here: what more can we do to avert the threat posed by the Left and Islam and globalists, by those who are disconnected from truth - like truth about climate, about economics, about human nature and unalienable human rights?


It's utterly clear that getting truth heard in an anti-truth world is often a challenge. Here's one small instance. For decades, overwhelmingly Islamic "grooming" gangs flourished in the UK. It has now been documented that in one town alone, Rotherham, 1,400 girls and very young women (age 11 and up) were "groomed" into prostitution. The police and social services would not take action, not even when a father called the police as his daughter was being raped. It is estimated that, across the UK, as many as one million girls and very young women were groomed into prostituition.

WHAT DO WE DO? That's the core question for the workshop.

The intent is to bring us together so we learn more effective actions we can take.

Engaging successfully with the larger world can be challenging.
Sometimes we're sure something might work, but we don't know what it might be. Sometimes we speak out and friends stop speaking to us. Sometimes we stay silent to avoid conflict. How could we reach more people, maybe especiallly those we care about?

This is for people who want to go further in activism. We may want to engage better with the people closest to us - families and friends. We may feel afraid when we speak out - how can we become comfortable reaching out? We may want to work on the public level, the civic - from the local school board, to municipal affairs, to a federal political party. How do we begin? And how do we continue? Are there people around us to connect with?

In my case, I began, in 2005-2006. I slowly became aware of the threat posed by Islam and political correctness. Some things did not make sense - so much Islamic outrage about a cartoon and so much acquienscence by millions upon millions in the West.

My journey into awareness, just about Islam, took years. I had no guides. I had to figure a lot out on my own. There was some information. But I didn't really believe that Islam could pose a serious threat.

It took years before I noticed that the blocks against telling the truth extended much further than to Islam.

Now I know. We may well face rage, name-calling, death threats, job threats, legal charges, and more, by the very well-funded and well-organized mainstream:
- if we present evidence on climate and weather, instead of going along with the mainstream story about looming human-made climate disasters;
- if we present facts about socialism or Communism or capitalism or Israel or cancer or oil or fracking, instead of going along with the mainstream stories;
- if we present truths about the EU or the UN, instead of going along with the false mainstream story about them as positive forces.

Throughout the West, we hear Islam is a religion of peace, no matter the obvious evidence to the contrary. And if we speak about Islamic ideology and history, we know we must be very careful to make clear, a hundred times over, that we are speaking of Islam, not Islamics - whereas no one has ever insisted that, if we speak against Nazism or Christianity or Communism or Hinduism, we must make it absolutely clear that we are speaking, respectively, of Nazism, Christianity, Communism or Hindus, and not Nazis, Christians, Communists or Hindus.

Back in 2005-2006, I had no idea what was happening, and what I might be able to do.

It was 2012 before I created my first interview series: Personal Journeys to Difficult Truths.

Now here is an interview series plus this workshop to make our journeys easier and quicker, to enable us to take more effective actions.


Parts of our dreams are as individual as we are. Yet there is much common ground.

The workshop is for people who are for:
- freedom of thought and enquiry and speech;
- for inherent human rights
that include equal rights for women and men, people of different races, people of different consensual sexual orientations, and also freedom of religion (so we can choose to adhere or not to a religion);
- recognition of priorities,
for example that the right to freedom of thought and speech, and to the other rights mentioned above are inherently higher priority than freedom of religion, so no religion may claim the right, for instance, to kill for adherence or non-aderence to a religion.


The workshop comes from the recognition that the popular vision of a good life is inadequate. There are hundreds of how-to books with 10 hot tips for more love, more money, more health, more personal development and fun. Eat right!! Exercise right!!! Visualize the ideal partner!! Earn a million dollars!!

That's generally supposed to be enough so we have lives we love living.

Yes, work we find satisfying, loving relationships and health matter enormously.

But many of us are not satisfied with only a good personal life.


Here are images of windows:

Dark - like someone living an unsatisfying life:

Brightened - like when someone has personal happiness:
window with curtains

But what about what is around the window? Here's another image of the window, as the world outside is disintegrating:

When the world outside the personal is endangered, the house is threatened with collapse. No matter how happy someone is in their personal life, they will be caught in the larger devastation.

Right now the dangers are huge. We see the anti-truth bias, fueled by greed, fear, corruption, and also the falsehoods many people believe, like that there is no right or wrong, all cultures are equal, it's wrong to be judgemental.

Even if we were living in a time of general social well-being, it would make sense to be involved. There are always important issues. Plus how else ensure that the situation stays good. That brings us back to the quote from Plato: If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. 

Right now, the situation is urgent.


We know there's an overwhelming amount of work to be done. Where to start? How to continue? Are we wasting our time? Is it worth it, losing friends? Sometimes we're scared.

We may get into futile arguments with people around what is and what isn't "fake news."

We may hit a wall dealing with people who say: I don't appreciate all that negativity. Just turn off the news and be happy.

Denial, denigration, name-calling, media misinformation, threats to friendships and jobs. Many people who care about truths blocked by the mainstream powers-that-be have faced all of those. There's also increasing censorship. Emails sometimes don't get through.

It is easy to believe, it's too late, it's too much.

But what about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the islands of plastic drifting in the ocean? What about mass immigration, porous borders, totalitarian ideologies like Communism and Islam.

You may want to engage better with the people closest to you - families and friends.

You may feel afraid when you speak out. How can you become comfortable reaching out?

You may want to work more on the public level, the civic - from the local school board, to municipal affairs, to a federal political party.

How do you begin?

How do you continue?

What do you do when you run out of energy and out of ideas?


This workshop is for people who care to engage more successfully with the social, political, civic world - but are frustrated by the power of the anti-truth mainstream world.

It's for truth-builders, freedom-builders.

We care about many social issues, about human rights and freedoms, about politics.

Right now, we almost certainly recognize the increasing blocks, censorship.

All the same, we see some people making a considerable impact, having a considerable audience.

We want to be achieving more ourselves - to become a more effective version of ourselves .

A huge question: How?

Each of the people interviewed is asked that: How have they managed to be heard (to the extent that they have)? What are they like as people? Are there qualities they have had to develop? What have been their most effective strategies? How important is face-to-face? What about groups? What about online? Have their strategies changed over time? Have they found support? If so, how?

The personal stories form the core of the ongoing workshop. What can we learn from each person? What can we apply in our own lives?

There is also the support from connecting with each other.

registration soon


S.I.N. -

S.I.N. - an approach that is stimulating, invigorating and nourishing.

We're stimulated by new approaches, different ideas. We're invigorated by the contact with each other, and the "baby step" challenges we take on. We're nourished by everything.

L.I.F.E. -

L.I.F.E. - an approach that is loving, intelligent, fun and effective.

Effectiveness is essential. We look at people who have been and are effective. What have they done? What are their approaches, their tools, their inner strengths? And we crib from them.

Fun. If it isn't fun, we dry up. It can be fun, for instance, to try out Bill Warner's new do-not-engage strategy for debating. The person we're debating is left flailing. They expected us to engage. No. We do something much more powerful.

Intelligent. We need intelligence for what we're up against. Instinct also helps - having the sense that something is wrong. Why is a religion of peace burning embassies, murdering people in its name?

Loving. Life loving, in fact. It is a commitment to life, to a good loving life with human rights and freedoms, that is at the core of the commitment to take part in the social world.


There's more: courage, commitment, community. It can be frightening, to take on the forces against human rights and freedoms. It takes courage.

Change doesn't happen immediately. It takes commitment.

And for many of us, support makes a huge difference. For many of us, it takes connection and community.

registration soon

workshop for TRUTH-TELLERS

registration soon


Sonya Jay Porter

Elsa is an incredible person, writing the truth for us all on so many subjects - political correctness, the climate, the UN, the EU (or rather, the European Dictatorship) and also on the subject which is one of the most important at the moment - the spread of Islamisation throughout the world.
         May I recommend that you watch the excellent cartoon she has created for young school children on the teachings of Islam.
         And here she goes again, with yet something more! Whatever it is about, whatever she creates, I know it will be worth watching and reading - there is so little genuine Truth out there in the public media, but Elsa is a True Truth Sleuth!

Sonya Jay Porter, who for 25 years has been working with UKIP, the UK Independence Party, to get her country out of the European Union


Gordon Miller

Elsa is a missionary for truth. I have had the pleasure of knowing Elsa for many years now and have admired her steadfast campaign to expose the truth on a range of topics, but for the most part Islam. She has interviewed literally dozens of experts who have studied and had firsthand experience with Islam. All of these, and much more, can be heard on her WorldTruthSummit.com website. Elsa believes, and I agree, that only when there is open discussion and public debate about the tenets of Islam (i.e. free speech) will the world be free from the Islamic Jihad. In other words, “The truth shall set you free.” Elsa is the ”Truth Sleuth.”

Gordon Miller, long time environmental conservationist, believer in climate science history, challenger of climate models, dissenter on Canada's 1982 Constitution, believer in the dignity of the individual (i.e. the essence of Judeo-Christian values) and advocate of minimal government at the federal level.


Nicole D

Elsa is a spiritual healer and a brilliant writer. She is also for me a pillar of strength and a voice of reason.
          And her music videos are a reminder that there is a beauty in this world too! My favorite clip is There is No More Islam.

Nicole Davidoff, passionate advocate of human rights and freedoms, passionately against any ideology that is totalitarian, like Islam and Communism, cat lover.


Ramachandra Abhyankar

I came to know about Dr. Elsa Schieder ("Elsa") through her interviews with Islam experts Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Citizen Warrior,  and others. Many people were introduced  to Elsa through her highly informative video for children, about Islam. Through her work, Elsa has helped clear the confusion surrounding Islam, making it possible for people to learn the truth about Islam.
         Islam is just one area; Elsa has sought the truth in many areas, and has a unique talent to clarify issues and motivate people.
          I am especially indebted to Elsa for making me aware of the Islamic Doctrine of  Al-Wala Wal-Bara, which I now know to be the key for understanding Islam. Even after studying several books on Islam, I was not aware of the Islamic doctrine of Al-Wala Wal-Bara. This key doctrine is at the heart of Islam, and makes the other Islamic doctrines of Islam, like Jihad and Sharia, easily comprehensible.
          Elsa has also taught me to not give up even when confronted by obstacles, such as the now ubiquitous censorship by the media.
          Elsa is an inspiration and  an example for all seekers of truth!

Ramachandra B. Abhyankar lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, Indiana USA.


Mary Andrew

When I came upon Elsa's work (like her great kid's video), I had educated myself on what Islam is, had been galvanised to protest by the horrific slaughter of children in the Manchester bombing, and was also trying to get the truth out on a lot of Facebook sites. But I felt isolated, downcast and daunted by the mountainous size of the problem. I have always been utterly anti-racist, but my friends thought I had become a bigot. I didn't know what to do. 
         Elsa's amazing, inspirational work has become a beacon of light to me, and her friendship has furnished me with the encouragement and support (and occasional rap over the knuckles!) which I desperately needed to become tougher, more confident, and much more active. Moreover, she has introduced me to new friends in the movement (against Sharia, and in support of British sovereignty - connected issues), from whom I am constantly learning, and with whom I can work, and protest, much more effectively. I no longer feel alone; united we stand!  Thank you, Elsa, so much for all you have done to embolden me, and nurture my development. I am truly grateful! 

Mary Andrew recently co-founded a local branch of the new and fast-growing For Britain political party, to work for a voice in mainstream politics. She's just been invited to write for the For Britain website. She still regularly attending protests, now along with great new friends.


Jeff Himmelberger

I admire Elsa’s life-long commitment to activism through ever vigilant truth sleuthing, and I'm thrilled that her next series of interviews will tell untold stories of activists who've been ignored by mainstream media. I'm hopeful that Elsa’s provocative interviews will stretch personal comfort zones, reach wide audiences, and break through brick walls.
          Elsa’s idea of interviewing people who do sustained truth-telling is perfectly aligned with who she is, and these interviews will be AWESOME!

Jeff Himmelberger is a left-leaning liberal from Massachusetts who fortuitously enjoys a deep and enduring friendship with Elsa. For the past fifteen years Elsa has been challenging Jeff’s assumptions and expanding his hard-wired thinking habits.


Elaine Black

I really want to thank you, Elsa, for your deep dedication and endless hard work in trying to right the wrongs. I don’t follow all of your activities, but am very aware of the bigger picture in what you do and know that your heart works to make the world a better place. You deserve every accolade that may never come your way - just know that so many of us think this.

Elaine Black has always believed in ‘principles’: Truth is based on principle and on facts. The great English painter Francis Bacon whose work is often considered controversial for it’s painful distorted imagery, once said "people tend to be offended by facts, or what used to be called truth." These are the tenets of my belief, and to that end, I have run a ’newswire’ service for over a decade to allow others to formulate their knowledge based on exposure to truth and facts rather than lies and distortions.


workshop for TRUTH-TELLERS

registration soon

Truth Summit


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